vrijdag 18 december 2015

Don't look down, 6 days until Christmas

It was Carrie from itswaypastmybedtime who inspired me to write this post, with this video.

So I’m not in college or university and I do not know if in the future I will. I’m just taking a small course, one that’s teaching me exactly what I wish to learn and need to learn. However, I’ve noticed that some people I come across in life don’t seem to think that is valid. They keep asking me what study I’m going to do, what college, what university I will go to.
For a long while I felt pretty shit about it, guilty and a failure (I had tried, but my anxiety got in the way). I felt that because of this my opinion wasn’t valid or not quite worth as a person. But then I realized that I found a route that is more fitted to me, it might be more of a long way round, but I believe this will end up getting me where I wish to end up. And quite frankly, having a degree in college and university doesn’t mean you can look down on someone who has not (for whatever reason they might have: not enough money, a mental or physical disability, not the way for them or because of some other personal trouble).

I find it ridiculous to look down on someone, whether that is because what study they have done or not done, skin colour, how much or how little money they have. It’s a mistake.
I have a brother who is autistic and finds it hard to concentrate on books and learning from them and even though he is now 18 years old in years in mind he is only 14 years. This causes him not going to college and people think he’s stupid and think he can’t do much at all or even think people like him would not fit in society. Boy, how wrong are they. Because quite frankly, he is not stupid. He knows a lot, he just learns it a different way. He learns by doing and experiencing. You can in fact have a normal conversation with, unlike what some others think. And it makes me so angry, what gives them the right to think they’re better.

Of course, there are some profession you really should go to college or university, I would trust a surgeon without the right papers to cut me open. But a college or university is not what valid a person, what makes a person worth your while. From life alone you can learn so much and sometimes those people who didn’t go to college and university have great ideas others, who have, might never come up with it.
The only people you may look down on, are people who bring others down, people who have done most terrible things. Because that is what is really stupid.

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